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  • NOTE: THE UPLOADER ONLY ACCEPTS ZIP FILES UP TO 100MB IN SIZE. Just break the song down into smaller zip files.
  • The following is where you upload the zip file containing the tracked out files.
  • You first must have paid for the service and filled out a mixing order form before uploading anything on this page.
  • Be sure to include the name of the song and small description explaining what your uploading.
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Mixing & Mastering (Before & Afters) // Mixing & Mastering
  1. Mixing & Mastering (Before & Afters) // Mixing & Mastering
  2. Meca – That Molly (Dirty South) // Meca - Mixing & Mastering
  3. God-Fr33 – One Hunnid (Hood Music) // God-Fr33 - Mixing & Mastering
  4. Stable – We Getting Money (Club Banga) // Stable - Mixing & Mastering
  5. R Ik – S Evader (Pop R&B) // R Ik - Mixing & Mastering