How To Prepare Your Songs For Mixing




After you open up your session in whatever DAW you are using you’ll need to remove all eq’s, compressors, reverbs, etc. from your tracks.  We recommend you leave in creative effects like distortion, flang, autotune or anything other effect that your absolutely happy with the sound and don’t need us to recreate it.



Once you’ve removed all the effects from your tracks, you’ll need to properly label them prior to exporting so we can clearly understand what track is what as follows:

1. lead vocal, 2. lead guitar, 2. bass, 3. snare etc

Start - End-200



A few programs out there allow you to bounce all tracks in one shot and some you’ll have to do one at a time as follows:

1. highlight your song starting from 0.00 till the end of the song. This will dictate where your bounce will start and stop, It is very important that all your tracks start at the same point so all the songs elements will line up correctly.

2. Solo one track at a time then press the bounce to disk option(or export option) to a new folder. One folder per song please to avoid confusion. (make sure you bounce the tracks in wav or AIFF format in 24 or 16 bit and the sample rate of 44.100 Hz or above).

Note: You should export the files in the same sample rate they were recorded as it would be a waste to export them as 24 bit if they were recorded as 16 bit. It will create unnecessarily large files which take longer to upload.

3. Now you’ll need to repeat steps 2 for the remainder of the tracks.  (make sure to convert all virtual instruments to audio files since this is the only type of file we accept)


Double check that your files:
To ensure you’ve properly exported the Wav files, you can do the following simple test to confirm all your elements line up correctly.
1. Create a new blank session
2. Import all of the tracked out wavs (They should be identical length if you exported from the same starting and end point)
3. Listen through the song to ensure everything is there and in the right place.
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1. Now its time to create a zip file of the folder containing the tracked out Wavs you’ve created.  Just keep in mind, the Max accepted size is 2GB per file so you may need to create multiple smaller ZIPs if it exceeds this limit (Extremely Rare). Generally the zip containing all your Wavs will be well under 500MB as zipping really condenses the file size down considerably since many of the Wavs will have lots of blank gaps (this is normal as not all tracks/vocals are all playing all throughout the song)

Please exclude all unnecessary files such as midi or session files. Execution files that launch a session in Fruity Loops,Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, etc are not accepted.

2. Please include a rough mix in MP3 format of your song(s) for our reference. Also, its helpful if you send us an industry song in MP3 format that you admire the quality of so we can try to match it. (Within reason of course)

Labeled Files-200 

You are now ready to upload your files to our site!
Using the login and password that was emailed to you during the checkout, visit the link below to fill out the Order form.
Fill out your song details on the mixing form.

Labeled Files-200

This form will direct you to upload your files, please add the title and short description then click on “browse” to find and upload your files.
Labeled Files-200
That’s it. You’re all done, now its our turn to make magic with your songs.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to CONTACT US


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