Premium Mixing & Mastering Package


Premium Mixing & Mastering Package



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Product Description

Premium Mixing & Mastering Service

Most Suitable For: Singers & Rappers

Our Premium Mixing & Mastering package retains all the features from Standard but introduces vocal editing & alignment along with variety of mixes like a Performance Track & Instrumental.  Having a performance track (No Leads) on hand is crucial as a shows often popup without much notice.

Have your songs mixed by industry veterans at Beats Planet and focus your precious time & energy on what you do best, creativity!  Our Mixing & Mastering Producer/Engineer has worked for most Major Labels and several TV networks like MTV, VH1 & BET, so you’re gauranteed to receive that Big Label Platinum sound your songs deserve at the industries best prices!

Services Included:
– Mixing & MASTERING
– Vocal Mixing
– Pitch Correct/AutoTune
Files/Versions Received:
– 320 Bit MP3 (Main Mix)
– Wav File (16 Bit 44.1k)
– Show Track (No Lead)
– Instrumental Mix
Additional Details:
– Maximum Allowed Tracks = 36 Stereo
– Revisions Allowed = 2
– Turn Around = 7 Business Days (3 Day RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE)
– Song Length = 6 Mins
– Acapella (Just Vocals)   (ULTIMATE MIX FEATURE)
– Radio Edit (Curses Removed)   (ULTIMATE MIX FEATURE)

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Standard vs Premium, Whats the Difference?

What are the differences between a Standard Lease and a Premium Lease?



  • File Received – Untagged High Quality MP3 File
  • Rights Granted – One Profitable Use Up to 2000 Units Sold
  • Files Received – Untagged High Quality Mp3 and Seperated Wave Files of all instrumentals and Vocals if applicable
  • Rights Granted – One Profitable Use Up to 50,000 Units Sold

Do You Sell Beats with Exclusive Rights, If So How Much?

Yes, we do offer the option to buy beats Exclusively. Each beat has its own Exclusive pricing, click on CONTACT US and mention the title(s) you’d like pricing for.

How To Order Using the Shopping Cart

  1. Browse the library for beats here.
  2. Select the type of lease that you want , Standard or Premium Lease, then click “ADD TO CART”. You will see the product added to the cart listed on the page.
  3. Once you are done shopping click on “VIEW CART” and review your order.
  1. Click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to enter your billing details.
  2. Fill your billing details and click on “PROCEED TO PAYPAL” button.
  3. You’ll then be directed to PayPal’s website for the payment.
  4. Once your PayPal payment is confirmed, a link where you can download your beats will be delivered to the email address that you registered.

Where’s My Beats? I placed an order but haven’t received the email.

Beats are emailed by the server automatically immediately after payment has been made, if you haven’t received the email its likely one of two very common causes

  1. It has landed in the SPAM or JUNK mail folder of your mail provider. This happens very often with GMAIL, Yahoo Etc.  You’ll need to log into their website in order to see the spam folder as often you cannot see the spam folder from your mobile device.
  2. You’ve entered your email address incorrectly twice during the checkout process, in which case the server sent it to that incorrect address

If after checking your spam folder you still dont see the email then click on CONTACT US so we can investigate the issue.

Your Beats Are Hot, Do you Do Custom Beats?

Yes, we’ve just recently started offering the Custom Beats Service bundled with Mixing & Mastering.  See the full Mixing & Mastering Section.

Can I Sell My Song With Your Beat on Itunes etc ?

Yes of course, that is part of the point of selling you the lease rights, so you can sell and profit from your song. Though keep in mind, the Standard doesn’t allow more than 2,000 copies to be sold so its good to play it safe and purchase the Premium to lock in the lease which allows 50,000 copies to be sold.

Can I Post My Song With Your Beat On Youtube, Vimeo etc?

Yes of course, though if you are going to post on one of the video sites and have the Monetize feature enabled (In-Video Ads that you earn money from) then you will need the Premium Lease.

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Additional Information

service type

Rush (3 Days), Standard (7 Days)

bulk discount

1 Song, 2 Songs, 3 Songs

Mixing & Mastering (Before & Afters) // Mixing & Mastering
  1. Mixing & Mastering (Before & Afters) // Mixing & Mastering
  2. Meca – That Molly (Dirty South) // Meca - Mixing & Mastering
  3. God-Fr33 – One Hunnid (Hood Music) // God-Fr33 - Mixing & Mastering
  4. Stable – We Getting Money (Club Banga) // Stable - Mixing & Mastering
  5. R Ik – S Evader (Pop R&B) // R Ik - Mixing & Mastering