Reach Up – Inst


Reach Up – Inst


Anthem Hood Beat
Produced by: Dj Naydee
BPM: 64

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Product Description

The first sound I came up with to this beat was the brass melody in the chorus. I was going for that anthemic feel, sort of like the Rocky Balboa triumphant type of melody line. I feel pretty good that I achieved it in this beat, and the verses were completed designed for somebody to rip it at double tempo. Of course I’m sure you can tell if you haven’t already started flowing when you first heard it.

For the last couple of beats I have been paying a lot of attention to the bottom end to ensure that it moves speakers. I’m a nut job about making sure songs have punch, they need to hit you in the chest hard. Of course not all beats but definitely club bangas like this do.

After completing this last batch of songs I actually had to go back a day later to do the mastering again, as when I heard it on smaller speakers I didn’t feel it had enough punch. This was due to a plug-in I was using to enhance the overall mood but it was taking away from the dynamic of the beat. Hey, even pro’s make mistakes. The important part is to catch it and correct it, then the whole thing just becomes part of the creative process and there’s no such thing as mistakes in the creative world..

Let me know what you guys think in the review section, leave your comments in the review section!

Anthem Hood Beat
Produced by: Dj Naydee
BPM: 64

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Do You Sell Beats with Exclusive Rights, If So How Much?

Yes, we do offer the option to buy beats Exclusively. Each beat has its own Exclusive pricing, click on CONTACT US and mention the title(s) you’d like pricing for.

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Yes, we’ve just recently started offering the Custom Beats Service bundled with Mixing & Mastering.  See the full Mixing & Mastering Section.

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DJ Naydee

Riaa Gold Certified Producer/Engineer, founder of Beats Planet.

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