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18 July 2015

Talent Search – Top 10 Finalist

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this TV/FILM Talent Search. It shows that you all take initiative and are motivated to advance your career. A skill that unfortunately many artists lack.

Even if not selected to be in the top 10, the is a chance a placement may come your way as the Agency has access to your music and will keep you all in mind. Selections were partially based on Talent but more importantly their vision of potential future placements for such songs and artists style.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 finalists as selected by the Agency at BMG.

D Fall
Matt Bolton
Josh Lindsey
Tizzy Southpole
Moni Sweetz
Damon Smalls

And here are the top 3!

D Fall
Josh Lindsey

Congratulations to you guys!  You’ve beat out a long list of artists who participated!

Whats Next?  Now its time to get your song Professionally Mixed & Mastered to bring them to industry standard. You can use your local trusted studio or our mixing services here, today we’re offering  limited quantity super deal mixing packages on a first come first served basis below..  Even if your not immediately ready to submit your song for mixing, you can still take advantage of the special and submit your songs whenever your ready, your orders remain on file.

You are entitled to unlimited premium beat leases at Beats Planet. These will be distributed 3 beats at a time, so you may now select your additional three beats and begin to write and record to them.  These new songs can be recorded and submitted in your first batch or second batch. We will be submitting batches of new music to the Agency once per month.

Once you’ve selected your new beats, write us at our CONTACT US page with your full name, email, mobile, and the title of the beats.   More Details regarding the deal will be sent to the top 10 individually soon.

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