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15 July 2015

Talent Search – Top 25 Finalist

2015-07-15_1607After a few weeks of the listening and thought regarding the best artists, the selection has finally been done by the agency.  Also this is the time of year many executives take vacations in the music industry as so did a few of the Execs involved.

We’re Very excited to mention that in the link below are the Top 25 semi-finalists. Out of these semi-finalists, the top 10 finalists will be selected on Friday. So if you are in this top 25 it means there is a chance you may have made it.

The next step is to be prepared to have your songs professionally mixed and mastered in case you’re in the top 10 as The agency requires your songs are submitted in top-notch quality.

This Friday we will also be posting a GroupOn style super sale for ultimate mixing packages for those of you who do not have a local studio that you can trust and/or prefer to have your songs Mixed and Mastered here at Beats Planet for a great price.

11427223_10205697215683556_3491770137303045476_nJust last week I did the mixing and mastering of a song Featuring Gucci Mane Called “Pockets Pregnant”, and over the next few days will be receiving the files for a song for Petey Pablo who will be featured in the upcoming season 2 of Empire On Fox, so his name is about to get back out big time!


Here are some of the specific unofficial comments made by the music supervisors at the agency:

Tap Tap i liked his flow and lyrics

Taimark sounded cool, maybe not super inspired lyrically but still pretty good.  

D Fall – like this a lot, especially the track too!  Could use this style for sure.  Love the sung R&B hook stuff.

Grand Grizzo – interesting flow and sound, style, unique which is good.  Maybe not the guy for everything since he’s got a specific sound, but i like him.

Biggz Firastfamily CEO – i like the R&B vocal part of this most, the spoken sing rap thing is ok, it feels like its not sure wether he wants to sing or rap.

Mista Crain – not bad, sort of right in the middle there, a little more raucous and loose than the others.

Dablock – pretty good, i like the sung R&B part but the rap part sounds legit too, i like his sound, his voice

Nobletrinity music – interesting stuff, specific for that nicki minaj thing or even if we wanted to do something like that Lil Jon  “Literally I Can’t” vibe.

Matt Bolton – i like his flow, its real smooth and natural, got a bit of a throwback 90s feel perhaps but its good.

Illbeat – pretty cool, also a bit of a throwback Wutang vibe (probably influencing that from the beat too, very Ghostface).  I like him

Versy3 – Pretty good, an aggressive vibe so good for things that need that.

King Rah – Sounds good, good sound and vibe

Breeze – its ok, good to keep in mind if we need that specific female with attitude rap.

TKO – its ok, i think maybe the production could be better and that’s influencing me? Maybe good for singing hooks?

J $moothe – pretty cool, i know this one from the catalog.  He’s got like an upbeat vibe to his flow which is good, doesn’t sound the same as everyone else.

Josh Lindsey – I like this guy, good singing and good rap.  Again i think the track is influencing me because the track is dope too, but i like this song.

Tizzy Southpole – yeah this guy is legit, gruff and tough, good track too

Velvett  -He’s cool, i like his R&B singing thing, its like Isley bros!  Legit soul sounding

Iyari – sounds good, great for this female rap direction

Jah U – I don’t know what language this is, but we do get asked for russian rap, sometimes other languages.

Varonica Trischler – cool stuff, kind of that Foxy Brown/Little Kim vibe, a little throwback but a good feminine sounding rap

Moni Sweetz – Sounds cool, sort of reminds me of a TLC sort of thing.  Could use more of that done very modern.

Damon Smalls – i like his sound, he’s got a cool west coast vibe, like Ice Cube “Good Day” vibe 

Click here – Film/TV Talent Search – Top 25

Look out for the email on Friday!

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