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27 May 2015

Your Feedback About The Urban School Of Music

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  • For the past year or so I've been working on a new company called the "Urban School of Music" which is to be the first full Online Audio School focused strictly on Urban Music. (Rap, R&B & some Dance/EDM). Theses courses will be thorough & deep comparable to the courses taught at the Music Colleges, but much much more affordable. To start the school will feature courses on Mixing/Mastering & Music Production (Taught by me). Im super pumped about this project!

  • Here are some of the features of the courses:

    - Courses will range from 4-10 weeks
    - 2 hours of online course videos each week
    - 2 Hours of Weekly LIVE online mixing & production sessions where students connect to a chatroom and ask questions as they watch me in the studio
    - Weekly assignments where students put their knowledge to the test & I grade the progress of your mixing or production
    - Each weekly module also requires passing a quiz before progressing (To ensure your absorbing the knowledge)
    - Employer verifiable Certificates will be awarded upon completion for graduates (You can Hang On your wall)

    Heres where I need your input!

    I have four courses in the works, and wanted feedback from you all as to which course(s) you'd be most interested in taking So I complete and release that one first

    Course details are on the next page
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